SRE CheapTrips - No Tickets at the Airport!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1 comment
Not resolved

This about Air tickets Pay for by check for the amount of 2650 dollars. The service was not delivered; I went to the Philadelphia airport at 9am my flight leaves at 11:30 am.

First of all I contacted the agent of this ticket three weeks earlier of concerns about numbers on the itinerary of Oct. 19 2010! When buying this ticket their was no confirmation number or anything to indicate the funds changed hands until my bank statement came showing the money taken from my account. Ok back to the three weeks earlier the agent said I have all I need just take it to the ticket window at the airport.

Today Dec. 17 2010 at 9:00 am to the United Airlines window the said we do not fly to Florida we use US Airway. 24 hours earlier I tried to use early check in; The United Airlines website could not find my name or my wife's name in the system. I was concern and started calling the ticketing agent 11:30 am on Dec16 2010 all I got was a answering machine," we will get back you in the order of your call," I am in the panic mode now, so I go to the airport and my panic attack was justified.

Here at the airport the wife and I four check in bags two carry on bags computer bag and purse, just got left off by my daughter. I am still calling the number in California office not open until 12 o'clock EST!

I called my daughter back went home, the wife in tears. I found the number of another office call them and said call the office in California that's not open until 12 EST I been calling the California line since 11:30am on the 16 now 17th at 6:00pm no reply I AM LOST FOR WHAT TO DO!!!!

Monetary Loss: $2650.




SRE CheapTrips - Still havn't received refund after one year

Chicago, Illinois 1 comment
Not resolved

In April of 2009 I received material from Cheap Trips to Upgrade. After reviewing the material I called and said I it wasn't what I expected and returned the paperwork within 30 days.

I was told I would receive a refund within 2 to 3 billing cycles (why so long?). After the 3 months elapsed and no refund, I called Cheap Trips. They said they would return the call. No return call.

3 or 4 calls and no reponce. I submitted a complaint to the Consumer Protection agency with a letter to Cheap Trips. On Wed. Feb.

10. 2010 I received an email stating I should receive a revund in the next 7 to 10 business days. Still no refund as of March 9th. I just submitted a complaint with my credit card company.

And this goes on and on and on.

But I won't give up. Next step Small Claims court.

Monetary Loss: $108.


Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #139198

I canceled my CheapTrips by phone about 18 days after ordering in mid-January. Made several more phone calls to them.

they said when I get a package of offers from them in the mail, just return it.

Which I did on March 19. Still no refund.

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